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Episode 9 of Claws brings up a lot of problems that the finale will have to address… or not. Dean is definitely proposing to Virginia, even though nobody thinks that’s a good idea but him; Roller has taken Desna hostage leading up to a shootout at an abandoned amusement park; Uncle Daddy is on the verge of starting a full out drug war with the Russians.

Looking ahead to the finale episode this Sunday, Karrueche Tran, who plays stripper-turned-nail artist Virginia, tells EW that “Desna is fighting for her life” in the finale and reveals her own character isn’t as safe as she thinks she is.

“She thinks everything is good,” Tran says. “She thinks Desna handled it with Roller.” After all, Roller forced Desna to call the salon and tell them he was no longer a threat. Polly figured out her hidden clues like “fall on his c—k,” which Desna would never say, and “ambrosia salad.” When Dean tells Polly that Desna gave him her blessing to propose to Virginia, Polly is sure something is wrong, and we can assume Polly knows the crew has to save her.

Virginia and Dean’s relationship has been growing since Art South Beach, but Desna is unaware of it until Dean blabs to her that he and Virginia had sex and are “dating” at Roller’s homecoming party. Despite having been questioned by the Dixie Mafia at gunpoint, that may be the closest Virginia comes to dying.

“Yeah, no, I don’t get killed,” Tran laughs. “Desna deals with me, she manages with me, but when it comes to her brother she’s very protective and sensitive.”

Of course, Desna never really gets to react the way she wants to Virginia in episodes 8 and 9, but we could get some kind of reckoning between the two in the finale. “If it was face to face, she probably would have beat me up again just like she did in episode 1. She and all the girls would have tag-teamed me again and beat me up.”

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In the episodes leading up to the finale, it’s hard to tell where Virginia’s head is when it comes to her relationship with Dean. She likes Dean, but doesn’t want to hurt him, says Tran. “He’s very different from any guy that she’s ever met,” she explains. “She sees him for who he is and how sweet he is. She’s used to dealing with a—holes, men who take advantage of her.”

In episode 9, in a very sweet moment, Desna gives Dean her blessing to propose to Virginia. She’s also at gunpoint so she might have just been looking out for the welfare of her brother, hoping Virginia would take care of him if Roller kills her. Tran, however, doesn’t think her character is ready for this relationship to go from 0 to 60, and eventually, she will have to let Dean down.

“She’s young, she’s still growing and maturing, she’s still figuring life out. She’s still figuring herself out, but as far as marriage, I think in the back of Virginia’s mind, although she adores Dean, she knows she’s not ready to be serious at all, and she really doesn’t want to break his heart. Although she probably is going to.”

One of the most compelling parts of Virginia is her scrappy attitude and her desire to earn the respect of the ladies at the salon. For most of the season, Desna and the rest of the gang call her all sorts of horrible names to put her in her place. “Nothing but a tossed at pimpless junior Okeechobee c—ksucker” might be the harshest. But will Virginia finally earn their respect in the finale?

“I think it grows as the season goes along. Their first reaction towards Virginia from the top is she’s just another stripper, but as the story goes along, Virginia sticks around,” Tran says. “She sees these women, she loves them and adores them, although she has this hard exterior on the outside. But, you know, she wants to be a part of the crew and through different situations and circumstances I think slowly they start to trust her.”

Find out how Virginia and Dean’s relationship fares — and see if Desna makes it out of that amusement park alive — during the Claws season finale Sunday, Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.


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