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Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Just last week you were praising Jessica for being a gamer, so how disappointing was it to hear her tell you that “I just gave up” in her final days in the house?
JULIE CHEN: It was soooooo disappointing to hear Jessica say she threw in the towel, but it wasn’t surprising. We saw it happen. At least she admitted it. I wanted to shake her and say, never hang your future in the hands of another human being! You’re young and have a shot at winning! If Cody is the real deal, he’ll be waiting for you on the outside. But she’s 26 and that’s probably too young to realize that.

Jessica basically said she chose love over money by sticking with Cody. Time will ultimately tell if she made the right decision, but do you think it would have been possible for her to have distanced herself from him a bit inside the house while still planning for a future together outside of it?
Had Cody not won the Battle Back, I think she’d still be in the house. Had she taken him up on letting him fall on his sword for her, she’d still be there. Had she never fallen for him in the first place? Who knows. It showed that she had some humility after he was evicted when she began socializing with the others and not in an arrogant manner. It showed good faith — even if it wasn’t a thousand percent genuine.

But as long as Cody was physically in the house, there was NO WAY they could have kept their distance from each other. That house is small and I don’t think Cody has enough self-control, nor do I think he’s selfless enough to have let her do that. And to be quite frank, she probably didn’t have enough self-control either. It’s the beginning of the romance when all they want to do is be with each other!

Everyone kept telling Jessica that she threw away her shot at $500,000 for Cody. Let’s play a game of “what if?” How do you think she would have done at this game had she had not gotten caught up in a showmance?
Had she not ever gotten into a showmance, it’s hard to say. If she and Alex joined forces, that could have been epic. A sistermance for the history books!

We’ve seen some players start to realize that Paul is calling the shots. Add in Jessica’s final words of warning during the live show to everyone else about him and do you think Paul is finally in a bit of trouble?
I sure hope Alex listens to Jessica’s warning because she’s best positioned to take him out. She is good at physical and mental comps and she has friends in the house. She should also recruit Cody, her original buddy, to help her and then cut him when it’s time! Here’s hoping. Stay tuned!

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