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She chose love over the game. Even as other Big Brother houseguests were pleading with Jessica Graf to separate herself from showmance partner Cody, the 26-year-old VIP concierge stood by her man. The other contestants said that cost her a shot at the $500,000. However, Jessica was actually poised to stay in the house at least one more week since she was not Josh’s target. Just one problem: Jessica did not know this, and picked a spelling fight with the Head of Household that ultimately led to her ouster.

We caught up with Jessica on her way out of the house to ask about that fateful decision, why she did not fight more to stay, as well as the past, present, and future of Jody. (Also make sure to read our weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Do you think Cody’s actions during the first week when he targeted Paul and Christmas ultimately were your undoing in this game?
JESSICA GRAF: Okay, the thing with people in the house is that people make game/personal mistakes sooner or later. The problem with Cody making these mistakes, he’s such a threat and people are scared. When I was HOH, I thought we were clear, we weren’t going to continue with that kind of gameplay. We understand numbers are important in the game. It’s because Cody is such a threat, people were scared and there was no way for Cody to get through the game without being a huge target in the house.

You had different people coming up to you and advising you to separate yourself from Cody in the house for the sake of your game. How seriously did you consider that and do you think you would still be in the house if you had?
It was hard for me to hear that because I felt it was strategic as well. People were really scared of Cody AND Cody and I together. I think people were willing to say anything to break that alliance up. They came close. Cody wanted to leave at one point and I would have supported him if that’s what he needed but I would have never stabbed Cody in the back. I couldn’t continue knowing I had to stab someone in the back that I completely trusted and be left with everyone else in the house. I think that says a lot about my character.

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Josh told you — and Julie confirmed — that he was not even targeting you and actually wanted Elena out until you asked him to spell drought. How difficult is it to learn you very well may have remained in the house had you stayed silent then?
Again, we learned that just because the HOH wants someone evicted, it’s not what the house would go with. It wouldn’t make sense that Christmas would use the temptation to prevent Cody from playing in the veto competition. I think I would still be sitting where I’m sitting right now.

You told Julie that you didn’t campaign to stay and picked a fight with the HOH because “I just gave up.” Do you regret that and wished you had kept your game face on in those final days?
If I learned anything from this season, it was that no one was going to do anything for me, outside of Cody. If I was going to stay in the house, I had to win competitions. I needed to win veto for myself and when that didn’t happen, I knew it was a pretty much a done deal. Constant negativity is hard to deal with. I gave it my all. Being a target for six weeks is really exhausting. At the end, I lost and I have to accept that.

Finally, what are the plans for you and Cody when he gets out of the house?
I can’t wait for Cody to get out of the house. Sucks that I have to wait six weeks for that to happen. I promised I would take Cody and Paisley to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! We’ll split our time between Dallas and Los Angeles and I’m really excited about it.

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