Also, the duo's 'Bedtime Stories' returns on Sept. 10

Great Job!

Gather all of the expired two-in-one cans of Toad’s Corned Beef Hash and Creamed Chipped Beef in the back of your cupboards, because there’s reason to celebrate. Tenfold.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim — also known as Tim and Eric — rejoined forces this summer for a tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their landmark, influential, bizarro Adult Swim series that took lo-fi comedy and manic edits to strange new heights. Now you too, dingus viewer at home, will be able to mark the occasion in a different way.

Adult Swim will unleash a 10th anniversary half-hour T&E special that is titled… Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Awesome 10-Year Anniversary Version, Great Job? Airing Sunday night, Aug. 27, at midnight ET/PT, the TAEASGJA10YAVGJ special promises a dizzying mix of new sketches and familiar faces. (If you caught a show during Tim and Eric 10th anniversary U.S. tour — which wrapped up on Wednesday and invades Canada next month for two dates — then you were treated to a preview of the special.)

The pair have been busy with other projects — see: the next paragraph — and this special represents the first big helping of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! in six-and-a-half years. The series ran for five seasons, with season 5 ending in May 2010, and a “Chrimbus Special” airing later that year.

Credit: Cartoon Network

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Awesome 10-Year Anniversary Version, Great Job? is not the only televised helping of Heidecker (who also stars in Decker) & Wareheim (who can be enjoyed in Master of None) that you will get this year. Bedtime Stories, the duo’s disturbing cosmic anthology series, will return for a second season two weeks after the special, on Sunday, Sept. 10, at midnight. The pair will play assorted characters over the six-episode run. Guest stars include Rhea Perlman, Ray Wise, Jorge Garcia, Fred Willard, Andre Royo, and Sarah Sutherland.

The first installment of Bedtime Stories aired as a special in 2013, followed by seven episodes in 2014 and two specials in 2015. Below is a first-look photo of the season 2 premiere, “Baklava Boys,” which combines the sweet pastry with keyboard sales in ways that you are not expecting.

Credit: Cartoon Network

Watch the video above for a preview of the 10th anniversary special, and enjoy the pulsating, pupating-earworm that is “Tiny Lamborghini.”

Great Job!
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