By Dan Snierson
August 09, 2017 at 04:21 PM EDT

You’ve been waiting awhile for new episodes of Louie. (About two years and two-and-a-half months, if we’re being slightly more specific.) And it looks like you’re going to be waiting a lot longer — if not forever — for season 6, according to creator/star/producer/director/writer Louis C.K. and FX CEO John Landgraf.

While speaking with reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour Wednesday, Landgraf addressed the show’s vague future by saying, “I think it’s possible there will never be another season of Louie, and I think it’s also possible there will be four or five more seasons of Louie over the next 30 years.”

Landgraf, who remains hopeful that it will be the latter, pointed out that C.K. has been quite active with the network after signing an overall deal in 2013, which includes his executive-producing duties on Zach Galifianakis’ Baskets and Pamela Adlon’s Better Things, as well as Amazon’s One Mississippi through FXP. (C.K. also created and starred in the web series Horace and Pete, and he recently headlined the Netflix stand-up special 2017.)

“He has other things that I’m aware of that he hasn’t announced publicly that he’s working on,” continued Landgraf. “I think that he’s changed a lot since he made the last season of Louie. I think he had run out of things to say about that time in his life… Then he became so much more successful than the Louie that he portrayed on the show that I think to him it was starting to feel a little false. So he had to make a decision, ‘Do I want to take the Louie on my show through the pathway of success that I’ve gone through or do I want to stop making it for a while?’ And I think he decided he wanted to stop making it and move on. I think if it ever comes back, it’ll be a really different show because I think Louis is a very different guy than he was the last time he made this. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I still talk to him — certainly weekly, multiple times a week — but it hasn’t come up for a while.”

During the panel for Better Things, C.K. offered his take on the situation, sounding like the series wasn’t at the top of his mind. “I don’t think the version of Louie that was on FX, I don’t think I’ll do that exact version again because I haven’t been that guy for a while, with the same black t-shirt and two kids,” he told reporters. “They’re older now and I’m an older dad, so I don’t know. But I don’t think about it much. I really love making TV and right now, for me, I’m involved with [Better Things], and I think it’s the best show on TV… For me, I’m so happy to just be doing that and my stand-up and my other dumb things. I always thought that if I did Louie again, I might circle back to it later in a different version with new ideas.”

A hybrid comedy-drama that featured C.K. playing a fictionalized version of himself, Louie debuted in 2010 and became a critical darling. C.K. has won two Emmys for writing episodes of Louie and the show has been nominated as Outstanding Comedy Series three times.

Better Things returns for season 2 next month.

Reporting by Natalie Abrams