We have to wait until next year for Ava DuVernay’s big-budget take on Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time to hit theaters, but in the meantime, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker is working on yet another major literary adaptation.

DuVernay confirmed on Twitter she will partner with writer-director Victoria Mahoney (Yelling to the Sky) and Macro’s Charles D. King to bring late author Octavia Butler’s science-fiction novel Dawn to the small screen.

Ava DuVernayVariety's Power Of Women Luncheon 2016 - Arrivals
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“Honored to partner with my friend [Victoria] + good brother [Charles] to bring legend Octavia Butler’s stellar work to screen!” DuVernay shared with followers Wednesday afternoon.

Butler, who won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for fantasy fiction before her death in 2006, launched the first in her three-part Lillith’s Brood series (formerly known as the Xenogenesis collection) in 1987.

The books follow a band of nuclear holocaust survivors offered salvation by a mysterious alien race — but only if they agree to birth children with extraterrestrial genetics into the new pool of post-apocalyptic humans. Subsequent titles in Lillith’s Brood include1988’s Adulthood Rites and 1989’s Imago.

A network, timeline, and casting details for Dawn have yet to be announced.

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