Last week on Shadowhunters, Sebastian’s secret was revealed when Clary finally realized that her long-lost brother, Jonathan, was actually standing right in front of her. However, her reaction to the news wasn’t exactly positive seeing as how Jonathan had just nearly killed Max and was trying to steal the Mortal Mirror. Long story short, she stabbed her brother in the neck and retrieved the Mirror before he ran away.

So now, how will Jonathan move forward with Clary (and everyone else) knowing the truth? EW spoke with Will Tudor about what’s next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Everyone now knows Jonathan’s identity, so how does that affect his plan?
WILL TUDOR: It’s all completely gone wrong now. Everyone knows who he is, there’s no real way he can get close to Clary in his head and so everything that he thought he’d be able to do, he’s unable to now do. So he’s kind of at a loss. All he’s left with is Valentine, which puts him in a rather precarious position.

Considering Clary stabbed him in the neck, has he given up on that relationship?
In the aftermath of this, I think he’s thinking the worse. Maybe we’ll see him come around to the idea that it could still work.

We saw him almost kill Max. Are there any lengths he won’t go to?
Not at all. Now he’s being pushed to the end of his tether. We’ll start to see his true nature, I think, and there’s no length he won’t go to to get what he wants because he feels like he doesn’t have anything left. He’s a very dangerous man now.

Is there goodness there, somewhere inside him?
I think so. He’s a product of complete neglect. He doesn’t want to do these things. His aim is to lead a normal life, he just doesn’t really understand how he can do that, so he fixates on Clary as his possibility of redemption.

Speaking of Clary, she’s his sister… but he kissed her.
I think because everyone he’s ever known has let him down and because of the terrible way Valentine treated him as a child and he spent so long in Eden, he fixated on these things. Clary became this idealized person, the one person he feels will not let him down and will always be there for him. It was so overwhelming, those emotions he has for her, that it became almost sexual attraction because he doesn’t know how to channel it, and in the one moment when she’s saying that he’s her brother and she’ll do anything she can for him to hopefully rehabilitate him, he thinks, “Yes, all these dreams have come true, she is this person,” and it kind of flows over and becomes this weird act of affection.

On the other end of things, does he have faith in Valentine as an ally?
I always think that it’s on rather unstable ground, their alliance. In [Jonathan’s] head, he is always in control, so I think he allows Valentine to feel like he has some power. But I think it’s all part of Jonathan’s plan to start with. He feels like if they’re working together, he can keep an eye on him and make sure he’s doing what he wants him to do. Plus, Valentine has huge resources and that’s very useful for Jonathan. I don’t think he feels like there’s any possibility of there being a real relationship there but there is that thought of, maybe it’s better than nothing. It’s not ideal, but it will help me achieve what I want to achieve.

–Reporting by Dalene Rovenstine

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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