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Wynonna Earp may be pregnant, but that doesn’t mean Wynonna Earp is easing up on on anything. In fact, the show’s latest episode, “Forever Mine Nevermind,” ratcheted up the suspense, the surprise, and the creep.

[Spoilers ahead… do not read if you have not watched season 2, episode 9.]

What’s scarier than a giant doll that puts a spell on you and creeps around the house? Maybe just a woman crawling around a basement without a face! Yes, all of that happened in Friday’s episode. Plus, Rosita revealed herself to be a revenant, and Nicole opened the door to a face-stealing Widow. Buckle up, Earpers.

Like every week, we turned to showrunner Emily Andras to break down what we just witnessed and what we can expect to come next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, first things first — wow, what a creepy doll that was! Where did she come from? And who is that man who sold Doc the painting?
EMILY ANDRAS: Thank you! I agree; as far as demonic, rotting, porcelain, jewelry-coveting humanoid dolls go, she was a doozy. A+ for creep factor. She came from the painting and was tasked with stealing the third seal — Doc’s ring. We know that demons are drawn to the seals and their power. As for the “man” who sold Doc the painting, well…he had red eyes and a tail, so he was probably from down south. Like, really south.

What was the doll’s power exactly — to make people be super mean to each other?
I’ll be interested to see what the fans think. Did the Doll incite rage and violence and cruelty? Or did it encourage painful truths to come out? I thought that Wynonna and Doc were due for a real talk — and both right about a lot of things. Even if they were kind of s—ty about it.

While Doc and Wynonna were distracted with that, Dolls and Jeremy stumbled upon the truth about the Widows. We saw that one of the Gardiner sisters is “alive” — what in the world did the Widows do to them??
Awful, awful things. Took Mercedes’ face and then left her to rot in the basement of her own house with the dead body of her sister who had suffered similar torture. But Mercedes Gardiner — the real Mercedes Gardiner — won’t go down without a fight. And Wynonna is NOT going to be happy about what happened to her friend…

Maybe I missed something, but it seems like the Widows aren’t working together?
They were kept together for 150 years in a box. So yeah. There’s some tension there! Seems to me that “Widow Beth” is sick and tired of being the Beta to “Widow Mercedes'” Alpha — especially considering that Widow Mercedes’ power and influence — not to mention, stolen face — is fading ever since Wynonna shot her with Peacemaker. These sister wives might soon be looking at a trial separation…

Many fans were suspecting, but we finally have confirmation that Rosita is indeed a revenant. What else can you tell us about her?
She’s very smart, not just a pretty face, and every inch a survivor. She’s definitely a reluctant revenant, and according to the story she told Waverly, one who was caught in Wyatt Earp’s crossfire vs. a stone cold criminal. I think she really does like Waverly Earp (who doesn’t?) and truly believes in love — so Rosita meant it when she urged Waverly to go get her girl, Nicole. Unfortunately, Nicole received a very different type of visit — from Widow Mercedes. I think Rosita’s desire to be part of the gang is true. It’s lonely being a revenant. And her feelings for Doc? I’m worried she’s going to get hurt.

Did Tamara Duarte know she was playing a revenant from the beginning?
She did not! I did not want it to affect the natural warmth and empathy of her performance.

What does Waverly’s kiss with Rosita mean?
Both girls were drunk, emotional, and in a hot tub — the second it happened, they both knew it was a foolish mistake. If anything, the kiss only served to remind them both of who they each truly love: Doc and Nicole. But it doesn’t mean that Waverly and Rosita can’t be friends. If anything, it was Rosita’s passionate counsel that urged Waverly to make up with Nicole ASAP. Life is too short for conflict when you’ve finally found the one — even if you’re a revenant.

And, finally, how worried should we be about Nicole!?
I almost can’t even talk about it. Brace yourselves — but put your faith in love.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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