The host also calls Josh's antics 'juvenile and annoying.'
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Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jessica decided to use the Halting Hex, which immediately made her and Cody safe. Do you think she made the right move, or would she have been better off without Cody in the house?
JULIE CHEN: Jessica chose to use it for her sanity instead of her game. Absolutely she should have saved it and let Cody take the hit. He was willing to do it for her. She would’ve earned major gamer points with the hardcore players like Alex, and maybe even Paul.

We’ll talk about Josh’s HOH reign in a minute, but what do you make of his harassment of Cody and Mark by banging pans together, singing circus music, and calling them meatballs (among other things)? Effective strategy or annoying antics?
Josh’s behavior is juvenile and annoying. It’s meant to intimidate. But Cody and Jessica are both too strong-minded to let him or his antics affect them. In fact, it might make them work even harder and make them stronger.

What do you think we can expect — and don’t say the unexpected! — with the unpredictable Josh now taking over as Head of Household?
Josh being HOH is equal to Paul winning HOH. He is Paul’s puppet and will do whatever Paul instructs him to do, which probably means try and backdoor Cody.

Clearly, Paul has control of the house right now, but who else do you think is playing a strong game in there, even if it is a bit under the radar?
I like how Jessica is playing the game. She is smart and stands up for herself and is strong willed. I admire that. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly. She speaks her mind and has a firm grasp on the game and the people in the house. I am currently Team Jessica.

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