Star Trek: The Original Series

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When he came on board Star Trek: Discovery, actor Jason Isaacs thought he should have a catchphrase. The British Harry Potter actor was playing a starship captain, after all. And The Next Generation‘s Captain Picard had not one but two of them, with “Engage!” and “Make it so.” So on his first day on set playing Captain Lorca — a steely American with a slight southern accent — Isaacs started saying what he thought would be the perfect ad-libbed phrase to embody his character’s commanding demeanor: “Git’r done!”

“I was so cocky,” Isaacs recalls. “I’ve only been here an hour, and already I have my catchphrase “

Then the producers then explained: “Git’r done” was already taken. By the comic Larry the Cable Guy. Who even has it copyrighted. Still, Isaacs’ instincts were totally correct — “git’r done” is demonstrably catchy.

Isaacs says he was a huge fan of The Original Series when growing up, though he admits to feeling relieved that the Discovery uniforms were blue (which matches his eyes) rather than Captain Kirk’s old-school gold shirt. But there was some trial and error with the costume department regarding the extremely slim-fitting blue one-piece (how much bulginess for the male actors, exactly, is too much?). But aside from that, Isaacs dove right in.

“It’s very different from other Star Trek shows; there’s a lot more emotional and personal interaction than plot,” Isaacs said. “There’s a layered story that you aren’t used to in Star Trek. This is a complicated guy.”

Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek
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