‘Oh, thanks a lot! Your horse stepped on my cat!’

By Devan Coggan
August 02, 2017 at 04:03 PM EDT

David Lynch may not have been able to attend the Comic-Con panel for the Twin Peaks revival, but his presence was definitely felt.

During the panel on July 21, Comic-Con attendees were treated to an exclusive (and extremely absurd) video of the director apologizing for his absence. Now, Showtime has released the full clip online, and it's just as weird and delightful as you've heard.

Set to composer Angelo Badalamenti's iconic theme, the video finds Lynch in a darkened room, trying to introduce the panel. He is quickly interrupted, however, by a series of off-screen catastrophes — including a man falling out of a fourth-floor door, a woman with a gun, and the arrival of a horse, which promptly steps on Lynch's cat.

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At one point, Lynch holds up what appears to be a severed arm, before prying a golf ball out of its clenched fist. "This supposedly is the last golf ball O.J. Simpson hit before going into prison," Lynch explains.

Hey, it makes about as much sense as any other Twin Peaks episode.

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