It's a 'first and only' for the late-night show

By Nick Romano
August 02, 2017 at 12:45 PM EDT

Wednesday night marks a rarity for Full Frontal on TBS: According to host Samantha Bee, the show will air its first “Trump-positive” segment.

The host recently discussed the upcoming episode with Stephen Colbert on a July episode of The Late Show. Bee and her team traveled to Kurdistan, Iraq, where they visited female soldiers, refugee camps, and a family whose child was named after Trump.

“We shot a bunch of pieces from Iraq, but we ended up doing our first kind of Trump-positive piece in Kurdistan — first and only,” she told Colbert.

“They love him,” Bee added of the Kurdistan people’s view of the U.S. president. “There are so many babies being born named Trump — male and female.” In a clip screened for Colbert’s audience, Bee is shown tousling the hair of a baby named Trump. “What happens if I tousle his hair — is that normalizing him?” she said, likely as a reference to the backlash Jimmy Fallon received for tousling Donald Trump’s hair on The Tonight Show in September 2016.

On Twitter, Full Frontal also promised Wednesday’s episode will feature “100 percent more” Hamilton actor Javier Muñoz than usual.

Other moments to look out for are Bee’s “Jared Kushner homage” and — as field producer Razan Ghalayini told Deadline — her reaction when a man calls her “shrill.”

Learn more about the segment in the Late Show clip above.