Laverne Cox gave her Golden Buzzer to an adorable 9-year-old girl who dedicated her performance on Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent to her baby sister.

By her expression, Celine Tam wasn’t expecting to see a flurry of golden confetti sweep around her, but she deserved the honor after she sang an impressive rendition of Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You.”

Celine, named after Céline Dion, dedicated the song to her baby sister, Dion — their parents are huge fans of the Canadian singer. On her first AGT appearance back in June, she sang the classic Dion song, “My Heart Will Go On.:

“Tonight, I’m going to be singing a song for my little sister,” Celine said. “It’s about how we love each other. We’re sisters and we’re best friends.”

Celine’s voice turned heads, especially Cox’s, as she gave a pitch-perfect delivery in front of a packed audience. Judge Heidi Klum asked the night’s special guest, Cox, to give her take on Celine’s performance.

“I just want to eat you up,” the actress said. “You were so adorable and so cute and your voice is amazing. You are so talented. Thank you so much. I am really blown away.”

Before she could finish speaking, Cox slammed her hands down on the Golden Buzzer, shocking Celine and drawing massive cheers from the audience.

Her father opened up about the pride he felt toward his daughter before her performance, saying he admired her for dreaming so big.

“Watching my daughter chasing her dream, that was my first time crying,” he said. “I was so proud of her. We’re lucky to have her here.”

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