One of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite games on The Tonight Show, it would seem, involves colorful wigs, a confetti canon, Questlove as a computerized floating head, and offbeat claims so bizarre they just might be true. Jeremy Renner, on the show to promote his film Wind River, was Fallon’s latest opponent in what is known as Blow Your Mind on Tuesday night.

They were presented with statements — like the inventor of the Frisbee had his body turned into a Frisbee after his death — and asked to guess whether or not they were true or false. Both Renner and Fallon incorrectly guessed every round, which means they were both blasted with things like children’s socks, rose petals, and confetti out the canons.

Dwayne Johnson didn’t do so well either when he played back in May.

Elsewhere on The Tonight Show, Renner recalled how he broke both his arms during a stunt on the movie Tag. “I fall with the chairs and then run and then look cool doing it, but no. I fell on my face,” he said. The actor was looking forward to going back to set after his hospital visit, though, because he got to chuck donuts at Ed Helms.

Watch clips from The Tonight Show above.

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