Showrunner Emily Andras walks us through episode 8, which took us -- and the main character -- back in time.
Wynonna Earp - Season 2
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Just when you think Wynonna Earp couldn’t get any trippier, Wynonna herself goes on a time trip.

[Spoilers ahead… stop reading now if you haven’t watched Friday’s episode of the Syfy show.]

In episode 8, the Ladies in Black decide to go after Juan Carlos in order to find the third seal. Knowing he doesn’t have much time left, JC allows Wynonna to learn about the curse’s origin through time travel… or something like time travel. While in the past, Wynonna learns how Bobo became the character we now know, how the curse began, and where the third seal is (hint: on Doc’s finger).

Meanwhile, Waverly is learning about a bit of history of her own: She’s received her paternity test results, even though Nicole tried to hide it.

Overall, “No Future in the Past” gives a lot of insight into the Earp family history. To learn more about it, EW caught up with showrunner Emily Andras to talk through the episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So… did Wynonna Earp just time-travel? Without getting into the science of it all, can you simply explain how/what happened?
EMILY ANDRAS: How many bar graphs per article does Entertainment Weekly allow? In non-science terms, no, Wynonna did not technically time-travel. She went on a vision quest to the past, i.e. her spirit was able to see echoes of what had come before via astral projection while her corporeal body remained in the present. Man, that might be complete B.S., but I’m stoked I got to drop “corporeal” in a recap.

There were quite a few nods to the Waverly/Bobo relationship in season 1. How long has this story line been in the works?
We always knew that Waverly and Bobo have a special connection, that he was fascinated with her in a way that didn’t exactly scream “healthy admiration.” But now we see that in the past, Bobo has been Waverly’s protector. We really leaned into this story line when we saw the incredible chemistry between Dominique Provost-Chaulkley and Michael Eklund.

And speaking of Bobo — he’s back! Wynonna’s very brief “death” allowed revenants to come back? Are they all coming back?
They are not all coming back, no. Bobo, a.k.a. Robert Svain, a.k.a. Wyatt Earp’s friend, is special for some reason. Well, that’s one word for it.

Now that we know Bobo wasn’t always a bad guy, is there any chance he could join Team Good Guys?
Bobo is an enigma. He was as much an innocent victim of the curse as the Earps — but when he returned to Earth in demon form, he was one of the most vicious, conniving revenants. He can do whatever he wants… and I can’t wait to see what that is.

Waverly got her paternity test results, and I think we can assume from her reaction that she’s not an Earp? Any teases on who her father might be?
Given her reaction to the test results, I would say she certainly thinks she’s not an Earp. I feel we’ve already given some teases…

Nicole held those test results from Waverly. What does this mean for their relationship?
Sometimes when we try to protect the people we love, we end up hurting them more than we can imagine. I’d say they’re looking down the barrel of some tough times. I also think they absolutely adore one another. That hasn’t changed!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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