Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt voice characters in this Amazon TV spoof

Comrade Detective

Channing Tatum needs a VCR and some vodka stat! The actor and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are bringing back their favorite Romanian television show in the first trailer for Amazon’s Comrade Detective.

The concept behind this spoof series is that a VHS relic of a 1980s-set buddy-cop series with lots of Communist ideology has now been unearthed and remastered for American audiences. Tatum voices the character of Detective Gregor Anghel and Levitt tackles Detective Joseph Baciu.

In the preview, Tatum gets a package from one Vlad Ivanov containing the lost copy of Comrade Detective. “You don’t become a good Communist by going to meetings or memorizing the manifesto,” the actor says in character. “You do it with your fists.”

Get ready for awesome ’80s synth beats, lots of butt-whooping, vodka, and taglines like, “the Cold War is about to heat up.”

Nick Offerman, who worked with Tatum on the 21 Jump Street films, also performs voice-over work as The Captain. The voice cast is rounded out by Jenny Slate, Chloë Sevigny, Jake Johnson, Fred Armisen, Mahershala Ali, Bobby Cannavale, Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton Duplass, Jerrod Carmichael, Bo Burham, John Early, Tracey Letts, Debra Winger, Jason Mantzoukas, and Richard Jenkins.

Brian Gatewood and Alex Tanaka created and executive-produce the series, while Rhys Thomas of Documentary Now! directs.

Season 1 of Comrade Detective will be available to stream on Amazon Prime beginning Aug. 4. It’s so beautiful it’ll make Tatum tear up — watch the trailer above to see for yourself.

Comrade Detective
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