The taxidermy dog is now living in a warehouse

By Derek Lawrence
July 25, 2017 at 04:07 PM EDT
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Not even an “Eagle!” could cheer us up from this Scrubs news: Rowdy and J.D. have been forcefully separated.

During a nostalgic Scrubs Q&A with BuzzFeed, Zach Braff was asked what happened to Rowdy, J.D. (Braff) and Turk’s (Donald Faison) taxidermy dog, who serves both as their loyal friend and bottle opener.

“I tried to take him home,” shared Braff. “The network wouldn’t let me have him. And so they put him in a warehouse. I picture him in like Raiders of the Lost Ark where they put the art in the back of that warehouse with all those precious relics. Rowdy is in the back of some Disney storage space like that.”

Chris Haston/Getty Images

While ABC wouldn’t let the actor keep the beloved stuffed dog, they did allow Rowdy to make an appearance in the 2014 Braff-directed film Wish I Was Here — even if they made sure to keep a close eye on him.

“He’s in the background of one of the shoots of Wish I Was Here,” he revealed. “The studio literally thought that I was going to steal the dead taxidermy animal and they sent a security guard with the dog who was his bodyguard for the day. Because they were right, I would have stealin’ his ass.”

Don’t worry, ABC hasn’t kept Turk or Elliot (Sarah Chalke) away from Braff, as the trio recently reunited for a ‘steak night!’

Watch the full video above.

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