Big Brother 19
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After trusting her alliance to keep her safe in the house, Dominique Cooper was betrayed by a “snake” and others. Even though she had the opportunity to make it back into Big Brother season 19, Cody Nickson took that coveted spot and dashed her chances for a longer summer run.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with the motivational speaker to ask how she would have played the game differently.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Obviously, you haven’t had time to watch back yet to see what happened with your alliance, but why do you think you ended up being a target over Jess?

COOPER: My intellect, confidence, strength, ability to sense foolishness, and willingness to confront whomever about whatever was a threat to the veteran, Paul. He couldn’t control me or anticipate my moves.

Looking back, would you change who you aligned with in this game?

YES!!!!! I trusted too early.

We didn’t get to see much of your talk show during the episodes; can you tell us a little bit more about what that was?

The show was created to provide a platform for houseguests to get to know each other and connect with live-feeders. There is a lot of downtime in the house, so the TV show was a fun thing to host. I’ve always wanted to host TV shows and events, so I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity.

What did you enjoy most and least about being in the house?

Who doesn’t like a summer getaway? I loved being disconnected and unbothered. I wasn’t too thrilled about sharing a bed and bathroom with people who weren’t as tidy as me. Thank God for perseverance!

Who do you think is best positioned to go far in the game right now?

Kevin will go far. His memory is impeccable, and his social game is lit.

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