Plus, she says who she thinks can take down Paul


With the fourth person eliminated from the Big Brother 19 house, things are just starting to heat up.

[Spoilers ahead… don’t continue reading unless you watched Thursday’s episode of Big Brother.]

Even though Dom was eliminated from the house on Thursday, she has a chance to re-enter thanks to Friday’s special Battle Back showdown. We caught up with host Julie Chen to ask who she thinks might win, plus her thoughts on what’s going on in this dramatic, always unexpected household.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At this point, is anyone going to be able to dethrone Paul? It seems like everyone in the house is blindly following him.
JULIE CHEN: My money is on Alex to dethrone Paul. She has said Jason is her ride-or-die and Paul is her secret ally. She will cut him as soon as he is of no use to her.

Without giving away what the Battle Back is (or tease it for us if you want to!), who do you think has the best chance of re-entering the house? And is that the same person you think has the best chance to “survive” a re-entry into the house?
I think Cody has the best chance to win the Battle Back. I mean, look at him! He is laser focused on everything he takes part in: endurance challenges, nominations, brushing his teeth… the list goes on!

I think he has a shot at surviving in the house if he re-enters. He’s got Jessica and he claims to have a social game. Let’s see it!

Who do you think is the most underrated player in the house right now?
Most underrated player in the house is Kevin. The guy gets along with everyone. He doesn’t look like a threat to anyone and has no enemies. He is beloved by all the houseguests. He might sail his way to the finish line!

We’ve seen Josh get emotional and upset many times now — it feels like the pressure of Big Brother is getting to him. Do you think Josh can survive in the house long-term?
I think Josh will probably survive for a while in the house. Everyone likes to keep around someone who is an unpopular threat. What I am not sure he can survive are his nerves! I think they are so frayed from this whole experience. The guy is a roller coaster of emotions. I feel for him. It’s not easy being in that house with so much back-stabbing!

The Battle Back Showdown on Big Brother airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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