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July 21, 2017 at 09:43 PM EDT

This season, Archer is getting dangerous. And tropical.

“Danger Island” will be the theme of season 9 of FXX’s animated spy comedy featuring the world’s greatest secret agent, it was revealed on Friday during the show’s panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Executive producer Matt Thompson painted the scene: It is spring 1939, the Japanese are invading China, Germany just annexed Austria, and “in the middle of this, seaplane pilot and semi-functioning alcoholic Sterling Archer is drinking, screwing, gambling, and generally bumbling around French Polynesia with a smart-ass parrot named Crackers,” he revealed. “Welcome to Danger Island.”

“I voted for Whore Island,” cracked cast member Aisha Tyler, but nobody wanted to do it.”

Tyler will play a princess, costar Jessica Walter will play Malory Archer, the acid-tongued mother of Sterling and bar owner, and H. Jon Benjamin will play the Archer you know, “except that he’s got an eye patch and he’s a sea pilot,” Thompson said. Archer’s “loyal sidekick and co-pilot is the rough and ready and 100-percent female, Pam (Amber Nash).” Judy Greer plays Charlotte, an heiress who came to this lush tropical volcanic island for her honeymoon, but “her new husband caught her in bed with Archer and took off.” Chris Parnell will play a conniving German intelligence officer posing as a breadfruit exporter. Lucky Yates will voice the parrot.

“Last season, we loved it, but things got pretty dark, pretty fast,” said Thompson. “And [Archer creator] Adam Reed had talked about just doing something that’s fun and just having a blast with this season. So we basically stuck all these people on this tiny volcanic island, and we’re just going to have as much as fun as we can, with quicksand, cannibals, super intelligent monkeys, and a volcano, and a talking f—ing parrot.”

TV’s previous Danger Island was a series of late-’60s live-action adventure shorts that aired as part of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. The shorts focused on three explorers in search of a lost city amongst a group of tropical islands.

Archer has made it a habit of reinventing itself. In season 5, which was subtitled Vice, it was revealed that the agency that Sterling Archer (H. John Benjamin) worked at was never sanctioned by the government, prompting the gang to go rogue and form a drug cartel. In season 6, they were back in spy mode, working for the CIA. In season 7, fired by the CIA, Sterling & co. moved to L.A. to work at the private investigation firm The Figgis Agency. After season 7 ended with Archer shot in the chest, season 8 was subtitled Dreamland, with Archer in a coma — and in a 1940s L.A. milieu.

Season 9 will premiere next year, and the show has been renewed by FXX for a 10th season, as well.

Archer made a splash at Comic-Con a day earlier as well: At the Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel, an animated short was revealed in which Eggsy (Taron Egerton) was drawn into the Archer world, and he and Sterling engaged in a drinking contest.

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