Jennifer Clasen/Amazon; Liane Hentscher/Amazon Prime Video; Gianluca Pulcini/Amazon Studios
July 21, 2017 at 11:48 AM EDT

Last week, we illuminated the best way to Netflix. Now we’re digging into Amazon Prime to find the best tips and tricks for streaming its extensive library. Read on for five great hacks to use while navigating Amazon — it’s so much more than a shopping site!

1. Watch without Wi-Fi

Can’t count on Wi-Fi? Watch Amazon content without any connection at all by downloading select titles to compatible devices, which include Fire tablets and phones, Android tablets and phones, and all iOS devices. If you’re using one of those, you should be able to see a “Download” option in the video details for available titles. Just don’t forget to plan ahead and do your downloading before you lose Wi-Fi access! Then watch wherever you please.

2. IMDb as you stream

Hey, Amazon owns IMDb! There’s got to be some kind of hack that comes with that, right? Right! That would be Amazon X-Ray, which puts details about actors, characters, scenes, music, and other general trivia at your fingertips as you watch select titles. Watching on the Amazon Video site, just hover over the player window and the X-Ray panel will show on the left side. Watching on a mobile device, tap anywhere on the screen for X-Ray details.

3. Peruse Amazon’s many added channels

So you’ve got an Amazon Prime account. Congrats. But what if you want more? That’s what Amazon Channels are for! Prime users have the option to buy, in addition to their Prime membership, access to programming from channels like Starz, Showtime, HBO (which won’t be available on Amazon Prime much longer, so get your streaming in while you can), and Fullscreen, among many others. And if you don’t want to pay for Amazon Channels? You still get access to some exclusive collections on regular Amazon Prime — including the catalog of hip distributor A24, home of Best Picture winner Moonlight and many more of the hottest indie titles of the past few years. Just search “A24” in Prime Video to see your options.

4. Don’t forget the tunes

Prime is good for more than just Transparent and free shipping! Don’t forget that it also includes a subscription to Amazon Prime Music, which means ad-free, on-demand access to 2 million songs, playlists curated by Amazon’s music team, and personalized radio stations. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can get Amazon Music Unlimited, which boasts tens of millions of songs, at a discounted rate as an Amazon Prime member.

5. Help shape Amazon’s original content

Unimpressed by The Man in the High Castle? Unmoved by Mozart in the Jungle? Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to opt out of Amazon TV entirely! The future of the streaming platform’s original programming is in your hands when Amazon pilot season rolls around. Users stream the pilots of a variety of new shows, then rate and review them to help the site determine which ones to order to full series.

Amazon attracts major talent for its pilot season — the most recent batch of potential new shows included a new series from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, for one — but if you still aren’t thrilled by your options? Create something yourself! Amazon Studios is always looking for its next big hit, and its “open-door policy” for aspiring writers and creators means anyone can submit their script or concept video for development on Amazon. So press pause on your binging and get writing!

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