Netflix also announced premiere dates for season 3... and 4

By Eric King
July 20, 2017 at 06:22 PM EDT

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“No Black Lion, no Voltron,” taunts an ominous voice in the first trailer for season 3 of Netflix’s Voltron Legendary Defender Netflix.

The voice is no doubt that of the mysterious Prince Lotor. In the teaser, we see Lotor rising to power, as well as the Paladins coping after the disappearance of Shiro and accepting that a new pilot for the Black Lion might be inevitable. It appears someone will have to take the reins of the robot spaceship because, at the end of the trailer, the Black Lion rises and roars, ready to face a new enemy.

The trailer comes after the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday, where executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos announced that the seven-episode third season will premiere on Netflix on August 4. He also promised that fans of the animated series won’t have to wait long for season 4, debuting only two months later with six more new episodes in October 2017.

Dos Santos revealed that AJ Locasio will voice Prince Lotor, the son of the evil Emporer Zarkon who is shaping up to be the Voltron’s and the Black Lion’s new enemy. The event also featured a screening of the first episode of season 3, and a panel discussion with Dos Santos, co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery, plus Bex Taylor-Klaus and Tyler Labine, who voice Pidge and Hunk, respectively.

Before the third installment’s premiere, catch up on the first two seasons streaming on Netflix now.

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