July 20, 2017 at 09:33 AM EDT

On The Late Show Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert asked James McAvoy a question that 100 percent of Stephen Colberts wanted to know: “Does the carpet match the lack of drapes?” The actor, who’d shaved his head again to play Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, surprisingly admitted that, at one point in his life, the answer was yes.

McAvoy recalled using his grandfather’s razor to shave his privates as a kid and the embarrassing admission he had to make afterward. Though he quit the shave halfway through because “it wasn’t working” for him, his grandparents suspected something was going on.

“Show us your wrists,” McAvoy recalls them demanding. “We’ve just seen your granddad’s razor and it’s got blood in it and there’s blood in the toilet. Show us your wrists, son! Show us your wrists!” He finally had to admit, “I was shaving my balls!”

“They were very kind of like, ‘What? What?'” McAvoy added. “And it took a while before they gave me the talk about hygiene and how my granddad uses that razor on his face.”

McAvoy was on the show to talk about his latest film, Atomic Blonde, but Colbert admitted “there’s a lot to talk about” with this close call.

Watch the clip above.

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