'The Late Show' has 'exclusive' footage of Kermit going ham.

The rift between Kermit the Frog voice actor Steve Whitmire and the Disney-owned Muppets Studio keeps getting uglier, especially now with Stephen Colbert's "exclusive" footage of the lovable puppet showing his true colors.

The Late Show host had some fun with the drama by spoofing Kermit's contract dispute with a sketch. "Gentlemen, we worked together a long time and I think there's something we all need to keep in mind as we enter into these delicate negotiations," Kermit said in the video (shown above). "I am Kermit the frickin' Frog! Alright? I will make a Rainbow Connection with my foot and your a—!"

The behavior, which one might expect from Miss Piggy, continued. "Look, this all boils down to one question: Do I look like a b—?! Then why are you trying to screw me?!" he shouted.

Last week, the Muppets Studio announced Matt Vogel would be taking over Kermit from Whitmire, who voiced the muppet for 27 years. Whitmire then explained via his blog that he was, in fact, fired from his post, which only exacerbated matters as the studio and Jim Henson's children noted that Whitmire exhibited "unacceptable business conduct," sent emails "attacking everyone," and "blackballed young performers."


"It makes sense that there would be trouble with Kermit. I mean, he does come to work naked every day. H.R. can't like that," Colbert joked.

Watch the clip from The Late Show above.

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