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Bingeworthy hosts Touré and Jessica Shaw found themselves at odds on the latest episode of their show on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network. The debate: Should we binge Netflix’s newest original comedy series Friends from College, or delete it from our queues?

Shaw says she was excited for the show to premiere because of its all-star cast — which includes Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, and Billy Eichner — but was disappointed. “To me, this is my numero uno example of great cast, bad show.”

The show, which EW critic Jeff Jensen called “one of the year’s biggest disappointments,” centers a fiction writer who moves to New York with his wife and must confront his ongoing affair with his college hookup.

After three episodes (which, she admits, is all she could make it through), Shaw laments that the show never went anywhere. “I just hated all of these characters at a certain point,” she argues.


Touré counters, commending the show on its complex treatment of the extremely flawed characters. “I like his wife, and I like his affair partner,” he explains. “Usually they will shade it so that you’re supposed to like this person, and here’s the unsympathetic person. I like both of them.”

Find out if the hosts give the show a “binge” or “delete” in the clip above, and catch Friends from College on Netflix now.

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