The Hulu comedy returns Aug. 8

By Chancellor Agard
July 18, 2017 at 11:24 AM EDT
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Welcome to Difficult People, John Cho.

The first official trailer for Difficult People season 3 is out now, and it offers us our first look at John Cho as alpha jerk Todd, Billy’s (Billy Eichner) first serious boyfriend.

“I’m over you hot actor types thinking the world owes you something,” Todd says to Billy in the clip. Naturally, the only thing Billy takes away from that is that Todd thinks he’s a hot actor type, which leads to the two of them passionately making out. If we had to imagine Difficult People‘s version of a meet cute, it would definitely be mildly antagonistic like this.

In season 3, Billy is debating whether or not to move to California, so you can definitely expect his new relationship with Todd to complicate that decision while also unveiling a slightly more vulnerable side to him, too.

“I think the introduction of Todd is a really nice way of humanizing the conflict he has of, should I leave or stay in New York,” creator and star Julie Klausner told EW in June. “I think that we get to see him be more vulnerable, and I think the more vulnerable our characters are, the more successful the show is because no one wants to watch someone who is bulletproof be mean for half an hour.”

The Hulu comedy’s new trailer also reveals Billy and Marilyn’s (Andrea Martin) adventures with a gay conversion therapy kit branded with Vice President Mike Pence’s face, Julie and company’s experimentation with ayahuasca, and exciting guest stars like Lucy Liu, John Turturro, Jane Krakowski, and Maury Povich.

Watch the trailer above.

Difficult People returns Aug. 8 on Hulu.

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