Volume 5 of the animated show premieres Oct. 14

By Clark Collis
July 17, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
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It was recently announced at Rooster Teeth‘s RTX festival that Volume 5 of the Austin production company’s beloved animated show RWBY will premiere Oct. 14. What else can we tell you about the upcoming shows? Not too much. But we can show you an exclusive short featuring one of the lead characters, Weiss Schnee.

RWBY follows the monster-battling adventures of Huntsmen and Huntresses in the future-fantasy world of Remnant and is one of Rooster Teeth’ biggest successes. Last January, company cofounder Burnie Burns told EW that he could imagine the show becoming a feature film. “I really think RWBY is something that could be a live-action movie some day,” he said. “We have to go through all the comic book movies, and then we have to go through the video game phase, which I really believe is next — all the video game franchises will be like Marvel movies are now. We’ll see how long that lasts and we’ll see if there’s room for something like RWBY in there. I would like to see that.”

Volume 5 of RWBY will premiere on Rooster Teeth’s streaming service, FIRST.

Exclusively watch that new character short, above.

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