Now here's something you probably weren't expecting


John Oliver appeared on The Late Show earlier this week to discuss the Donald Trump Jr. email fiasco with Stephen Colbert, but the “bonus edition” segment they filmed was a surprising sight. The late-night hosts threw down in a roast — not against each other, but against…wax statues of former presidents Zachary Taylor and Warren G. Harding?

Oliver purchased five presidential wax statues for an episode of Last Week Tonight, thanks to “that dragon money” (i.e. HBO’s moneymaker Game of Thrones). Colbert, too, brought his own president out for The Late Show, but his old Daily Show comrade didn’t think his pick, Taylor, who died from a stomach illness 16 months into his presidency, was presidential enough.

Oliver joked during a Last Week Tonight segment that he’s just “a guy named Zach who s— his brains out in the West Wing men’s room.”

What ensued was a throwdown in which the gents insulted each other’s presidents. Oliver kicked things off with “You know how Zachary Taylor died? After a July 4 celebration where he treated himself to too much milk and cherries. He basically OD’ed on a snack for preschoolers. Boom!”

Colbert fought back against Oliver’s favorite, Harding. “Harding is widely considered by modern-day historians to be the worst president ever — and remember, modern-day historians know who the president is right now,” he said.

Watch the absurdity in the clip above.


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