Have we seen the last of FX crime show? Plus: Noah Hawley teases what's next on 'Legion'

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At the ATX Television Festival in Austin in June, Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley confessed that he had yet to come up with an idea capable of propelling a fourth season, and as a result, the recently screened season 3 might be the FX crime show’s swan song.

“I wasn’t sure if there would be a second season. I wasn’t sure if there would be a third season. At end of season 1, [FX] said, ‘If you want to leave it there [that would be fine],’” Hawley said at the time. “There’s only a certain amount of storytelling you can tell in that vein. And I love telling stories in this vein, but I don’t have another one yet. So watch the 10th hour [of season 3] because it might be the last.”

Has anything changed in the interim? Apparently not. When Entertainment Weekly spoke with Hawley last week about the second season of his other show, Legion, he admitted that the ideas cupboard remained bare, at least with regard to Fargo.

“Idea-watch, 2017 — I haven’t had my Eureka moment,” he laughed. “But, you know, keep watching, I suppose.”


As for Legion, Hawley hinted that Dan Stevens’ supermutant David Haller will find himself in a very different relationship with his fellow-man (assuming we can call Haller a “man”) in season 2, which is set to premiere early next year.

“I was interested in that first year of exploring the idea of an insane man in a sane world,” said Hawley. “Now, maybe it’s flipping for me. I like the idea that David may be the sane one in an insane world.”

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