If any TV network decides to develop a made-for-the-small-screen movie about the Trump administration’s Russia scandal, Conan O’Brien has his dream casting all worked out.

The host’s picks are based on the doppelgängers of these political figures. So Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. would be played by a young Draco Malfoy and a “punching dummy you see at any gym,” respectively. Janice from The Muppets would get the role of Ivanka Trump, a “bored house cat wearing jewelry” could play First Lady Melania Trump, and Prince Charles would play the president because of their similarly windswept hair pics.

As for the rest of the administration, O’Brien sees ex Dance Mom Abby Lee Miller playing Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (assuming her prison sentence is up in time), Hillary Swank circa Boys Don’t Cry as Jared Kushner, a plate of eggs serving as Kellyanne Conway, Despicable Me‘s Gru as Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Mucinex mucus monster as the man involved in the Trump Jr. email fiasco, Rob Goldstone.

Whether this was intentional or not, one member of the Trump family was left out: Tiffany Trump.

Watch all O’Brien’s casting picks in the hypothetical movie above.


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