By Lynette Rice
July 14, 2017 at 04:18 PM EDT
Big Brother
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So long, Cody — we think.

A new Big Brother twist revealed by Julie Chen on Thursday may give Cody Nickson, the latest evicted houseguest, a chance to return to the game. But that didn’t stop the Chenbot from telling us what she really thinks of the 32-year-old construction sales rep from Plano, Texas. We asked Chen to break down what made Cody so bad at strategy and whether an injured Christmas is nuts for wanting to stay in the game.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What has been your opinion of Cody since day one?
JULIE CHEN: At first, I thought Cody was a nice single dad who I felt a lot of empathy for. It can’t be easy, right? Then, once in the house, I started thinking, “This guy is kind of a bully and likes to intimidate others.” I watched him stare down Alex during the first HOH comp when it was two of them left. It was a bit creepy. Then his brushing teeth and just staring people down stone-faced as they tried to get information out of him was also a bully move to try and intimidate and create fear. I guess it would have been funny or more forgiving if I felt he was nice or funny. But I thought he was just a rigid guy with no tolerance for people not like him. But, during his exit interview, I saw a more human side and even a bit of a sense of humor. Here’s hoping he is not as bad of a guy as he came across in the house. We probably only saw the bad side (we all have them). The game and competition can bring out the worst in people.

Is it me or did Cody show more common sense with YOU rather than when he was in the house?
Yes, he made much more sense than in the house! I think when caught in that bubble, you can’t see the forest through the trees. He had BB blinders on in the house and was power tripping while HOH. Seeing the audience, the lights, the cameras, and the Chenbot probably sobered him up real fast and brought him back to reality and his senses!


Do you think Christmas is CRAZY to want to recover from surgery in the house?
I don’t think she’s crazy at all. Are you kidding me? She has built-in entertainment with watching all the house drama and has cameras to document her recovery. She is set! No one likes the boredom of being housebound at home while on bed rest. Plus, she’s an athlete. She doesn’t throw in the towel! I love it!

Elena winked at you. Jessica called you beautiful. How can you get these houseguests to act normal when they talk to you?
Hah! I secretly love when the Houseguests try and butter me up. Who doesn’t love an apple polisher when you’re the one getting the apple!?!

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