The rapper surprised pedestrians in a man-on-the-street segment


It’s hard to stand by the claim that 50 Cent isn’t the greatest rapper of all time when the hip-hop star is standing right in front of you. These pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles have Jimmy Kimmel to thank for this predicament.

A Jimmy Kimmel Live correspondent asked people what they thought of 50 Cent in a man-on-the-street segment for Thursday’s show. The rapper, peeping in from a nearby monitor, snuck up behind each of them to hear what they had to say. One claimed, “I prefer Lotis Jackson over the current state of 50,” while another agreed “50 Cent’s best days are behind him and he’s pretty washed up.”

Most of them changed their tune when they realized the man himself was standing right behind them — except one. When the first interviewee was asked about the greatest rapper right now, he still said Kendrick Lamar.

50 can’t win.

Watch the segment in the clip above.

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