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How was the Game of Thrones premiere? Tell me everything! — William
Would if I could, but HBO wants to keep that info under wraps. All I’ll say is that within the first five minutes, you’ll be cheering, and in the next five, you’ll be quaking in your boots.

Any scoop on Blue Bloods? — Carlynn
I can exclusively reveal that Lorraine Bracco has booked a recurring role that will kick off in the season 8 premiere on Sept. 29. The Sopranos and Rizzoli & Isles alum will play Mayor Margaret Dutton, who was serving as Public Advocate. Per the City’s Charter line of succession, she was sworn in as Mayor following the resignation of Mayor Poole. She has long been at the head tables in the social, cultural and philanthropic circles in the city and is working to make New York a better place for all (armed with her power, influence and inherited money). But as Mayor, she has to deal with the one man who is immune to that influence, and who enjoys his own hard-won place at the table — Police Commissioner Frank Reagan.

Would love some NCIS: LA scoop about Densi. — Fatima
Kensi and Deeks will have some wedding hurdles as Deeks is hesitant to tell his mother that they are engaged.

Is there anything you can share about the new season of Arrow? — Marco
Expect a lot of scoop in that department very soon, but here’s a little tidbit to hold you over: I hear Black Canary will be getting a new love interest this season. “I would say yes for that, but I’m not going to tell you with who, because that’s a fun story we’re very excited about,” EP Wendy Mericle tells me. Despite what seemed like the instant chemistry between them, Mericle nixed one candidate. “Not Diggle,” she says. “That’s what’s so much fun.”

Now that we know when Teen Wolf is coming back, any word on what’s happening in Beacon Hills? — Jaime
The first couple of episodes is spent trying to answer that exact question: After some mysterious deaths, Scott and his pack decide to hold off on leaving for college to try to figure out what evil is lurking in Beacon Hills. Whatever it is, it’s very old. And if you’re scared of spiders, you’re not going to like it.

I would definitely love some scoop for Blindspot season 3. It is going to be a long wait. — DG
I hear Reade is going to be getting a big promotion this season. Make of that what you will.

Anything for Shadowhunters? — Amber
The next episode is filled with big moments for Clary, who heads out on a mission with Jace — and when she believes he’s in danger, she gets a little bit closer to figuring out how she feels about her ex. But the biggest realization comes at the end of the hour, when Clary figures something out that changes, well, everything for her.

What can we expect now that Harvey has taken over as managing partner of the firm on Suits? — Marc
Just because Louis didn’t object to Harvey stepping up to fill Jessica’s role doesn’t mean they won’t clash over how PSL should be run. In fact, Harvey and Louis will soon butt heads when Harvey tries to make a unilateral decision about the firm’s future.

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