Jersey Shore Family Vacation CR: MTV

It will take a cataclysmic event for the cast of Friends to reunite. For the cast of Jersey Shore, all it takes is chicken parm.

The stars of MTV’s bygone guilty pleasure — Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, and the other sunburnt reality stars — seized what must have been a very lucrative opportunity from fast-food behemoth Burger King and reunited for the first time since their series ended in 2012. And, OF ALL THINGS, it was for a commercial for the restaurant’s new Chicken Parmesan Sandwich.

Assembling at a geographically ambiguous BK — which Snooki apparently confuses with Brooklyn, to comical/humorous effect — the gang commences with a “chicken parm family dinner,” gabbing about who’s getting married, who’s having kids, and who’s landed a DJ gig in Atlantic City (take a wild guess), all over that alluring scent of flame-grilled cultural appropriation. (Notably missing from the reunion is Ronnie, the gentle-adjacent giant built like a video game villain, as well as the Burger King himself, who presumably was warned by his publicist not to participate in this.)

On the one hand, good for everyone for reuniting, and in such happy spirits. On the other hand, it’s for a Burger King commercial. Even poor Leeann knows how sad this whole situation is:

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 11.16.15 AM

Rumors of a reunion swirled recently when the cast was spotted with cameras in their old boardwalk haunt on the Jersey shore. That footage is still likely in play for an unconfirmed project later this summer, so consider this commercial merely an Internet temperature-taker for more Jersey Shore content. Until then, enjoy the ever-dulcet tones of Deena and Snooki yelling things like “You better not frickin’ do it at my wedding!” and “Chick-a-boom!”

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation CR: MTV
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