Kimmel tackled 'the Kraken' on Monday night.


Neither Jimmy Kimmel nor Stephen Colbert got much out of Kellyanne Conway — even through their simulated interviews. Both late-night personalities set up faux chats with Trump’s advisor in mocking her response to the latest controversy surrounding Donald Trump Jr.

Kimmel dubbed Conway “the Kraken” before dishing it out with a Conway puppet on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. The host asked the stand-in why the president’s son accepted a meeting with a Russian lawyer during the last presidential campaign. The New York Times, too, reported on emails allegedly confirming the purpose was to gain damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

“First of all, define meeting. When you say ‘meeting,’ what are you talking about?” the Conway puppet said. The interview never truly got past this line of discussion. “A meeting is when people gather and talk … I don’t know, it’s a meeting,” Kimmel exclaimed.

Colbert took a different approach to his mock interview by splicing in footage from Conway’s recent chat with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He, too, had difficulty wrapping his head around her line of reasoning.

Trump Jr. admitted to the meeting, which was set up through a contact at the Miss Universe pageant, through a statement issued by his lawyer.


“So let me get this straight: [Trump Jr.] accepts meetings with just mystery guests? It could be anyone,” he said. “It could be Reince Priebus in a mask or a drifter with an axe.” Colbert also questioned why “a contact for Miss Universe” was “setting up campaign meetings.” He joked, “Did Trump think there was a swimsuit component to the debates?”

Colbert was forced to wrap things up with few answers because talking to Conway was “like staring into the mouth of madness.”

Watch both interviews in the clips above.

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