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What do you know about Bull's new season? — Carson

Here's a little tidbit: Jill Flint will reprise her role as fan favorite Diana Lindsay, returning to complicate Bull's life in the season 2 premiere.

Even though Fitz left the White House in the Scandal finale, could he be a good ally for Mellie considering he chose a righteous path in the end? — Trista

It sounds like there's a good chance of that in the final season. "Nothing pleases me more than the knowledge, the certainty, that of all the people in the world, the one person she can turn to who knows her the best, and understands fully the situation that she's in, is Fitz," Bellamy Young says. "Over the course of this whole show, we've never seen them be aligned energetically. We met them in the worst moment of their marriage, one of the worst moments of Mellie's life, and it's been a very convoluted road between them. But that scene with them on the balcony, when she realizes that it's Fitz she can turn to, the man that knows her the best, the man who's been president for eight years, I'm just so excited to see them honor the connection. For many decades they were completely in sync, had one dream, had one heart. He turned a different corner and life is complicated and that's what happens sometimes, but life is also complicated, so people don't just stop existing. Those connections endure, so to get to watch Fitz and Mellie rediscover the relevance of their connection in a new way, I'm just so excited about that."

Do you know how they're writing out Chin on Hawaii Five-0? — Kyle

It should come as no surprise that Chin did, in fact, take that job to head up the Task Force in San Francisco, which will be revealed in the premiere — and used as encouragement to get another ex-cop to rejoin the Five-0 task force.

Some Blindspot scoop might make this long wait seem easier. — Yasmine

It's been a few years, but the team will still be somewhat intact when the show returns — although that doesn't necessarily mean they still work together. "The team will be the team again in season 3, but they'll have really been through a variety of experiences in those ensuing two years that brings a fresh perspective to it," EP Martin Gero says. "But there is a little bit of needing to get the band back together at the top of season 3." Oh, and Gero teases there may even be some new team members.

Do you know anything more about Dulé Hill's character on Suits? — Hunter

Well, you can expect his character, Alex — an old friend of Harvey's and senior partner at a rival law firm — to cause some trouble when he enters the picture. "In classic Suits form, [Alex] definitely comes with baggage," Hill says. "As that bag starts open, we'll start to see how it can really disrupt and create havoc within the Suits world. He's a brilliant and talented corporate lawyer…but he comes with some strings attached."

Anything you can tease for Arrow? — Rachelle

In the wake of the island explosion and everything Chase put Oliver through last year, the Emerald Archer will be a changed man. "This season, we're trying to give you a different version of Oliver," EP Marc Guggenheim says. "Because of the journey he went on in season 5, he finally got to a place where he was ready to follow everyone's advice and discard the past and move on with his life. The Oliver Queen that you'll meet in 601, he's still the Oliver you know and sometimes love, but he has a different sense of himself… In season 6, I think you'll see Oliver giving the people in his life the advice for a change. He's been through five years of being this superhero and he went through five years of hell before that, so he's got 10 years of very heavy experience to start to bring to bare, and that's something we're interested in seeing more of a mentoring Oliver as the various people in his life face their challenges."

Will Aram and Samar officially be a couple next season on The Blacklist? — Casa

With everything the Task Force is about to face, romance may be the last thing on their mind, but that doesn't mean they won't try. "It just felt like time," EP Jon Bokenkamp says of getting the two together in the finale. "That story had been teased as much as we could tease it, but we also wanted the win, we wanted the good guy to get the girl. The way in which Janet played out within this season was interesting, the bad girl opening Aram's mind in the way that he thinks and operates, and yet he comes back to Samar. There's a great dynamic between them that's a little unusual. Our show has never been great at playing romance, so it's a little bit of new territory for us, about it's a great story and one that's been fun to watch unfold."

Will Frank return to Annalise's team next season on How to Get Away with Murder? — Kendal

Though he attempted to make amends last season, don't expect Frank to be a full-fledged member of Team Keating anytime soon. "Frank has a long road back to get into Annalise's good graces," EP Pete Nowalk says. "We'll see if he even is going to take that on or if he's going to be a lone wolf next season."

This week in TV: I really hope either one of these happens on The Flash next season.

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