Donald Trump
Credit: Evan Vucci/Ap Photo

“Happy Father’s Day to all,” President Donald Trump wrote on Father’s Day in 2013, when he was a private citizen, “even the haters and losers!”

Since joining Twitter, Trump has taken a special interest in the “haters” and “losers” (and often the “haters and losers” together), tweeting about how those unnamed critics “refuse to acknowledge” that he doesn’t wear a “wig” and have claimed that he went “bankrupt.”

As President of the United States, however, Trump’s “haters” usage has diminished greatly — he’s only used the word twice since being elected, including on Friday. “My experience yesterday in Poland was a great one. Thank you to everyone, including the haters, for the great reviews of the speech!” the president tweeted amid an overseas trip.

To mark the return of one of Trump’s most-used Twitter phrases, here’s a complete list of all the tweets and quote tweets Trump has posted using the word “haters.”