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July 07, 2017 at 01:18 PM EDT

Jillian Parker had hoped to have an extended stay in the Big Brother house, but the 24-year-old timeshare sales rep from Las Vegas was evicted from the domicile after being voted out by her housemates.

Parker never had a chance to get comfortable in the game. She was on the block just hours after entering the house when she picked the poison apple and then was put up for eviction again by the emotionless cyborg that is Cody after he won Head of Household. She then watched five different people get nominated to sit beside her, but could not beat the person ultimately in that chair, Christmas.

We caught up with the recently ousted contestant on her way out of the house and asked how it all went wrong. (Also make sure to check out our weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You looked absolutely stunned when you heard you were voted out by your housemates. What did they say and do to make you feel so safe and what do you think happened?
JILLIAN PARKER: With the votes, we knew there was a big alliance of six or seven so we were the outcasts, not the popular group. They told me they wanted to stick together to take out the couples and that the votes were locked. We talked about the votes probably 10,000 times. Alex assured me we had the votes, it would be a tie, and Cody would send Christmas home. People told me not to worry and that they would handle it. I’m pretty sure Alex and Jason flipped on me and voted me out. I think Paul told them he was going to get rid of Cody and Jessica for them if they kept Christmas.

Who did you consider your biggest allies in the house and who were the people you liked the least?
My biggest ally in the house was Alex and Ramses. Person I liked the least was Paul.

If you had stayed in the house and won Head of Household, whom would you have targeted to go home next?
If I stayed and won HOH, I was planning on targeting Mark and Dominique, because they have a secret alliance and Dominique thinks that she’s going to skate on by. One of them has to go.

How disappointing is it to make it on the show and then be scrambling to stay alive from the first few hours of the game all the way until you got evicted?
It was the most stressful thing. I cried many times. I was put on the block since day one so you can never be yourself. You’re paranoid and can’t really talk to people because you think people are always judging you.

Finally, tell us one thing you did enjoy about being in the Big Brother house.
One thing I did love about being in the Big Brother house was playing in the competitions and getting to spend a few weeks with some really good people. Also, it was nice to detox and get away from social media and electronics.

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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