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The wrestling promoter ripped into the original '80s show on a new podcast

July 05, 2017 at 01:00 PM EDT

Long before GLOW was a critically-acclaimed Netflix show starring Allison Brie, it was an actual ’80s women’s professional wrestling promotion show. And even back then, WWE legend Jim Cornette hated it — as he made clear on a new episode of his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience. 

“The original GLOW in the ’80s was syndicated everywhere, so for two years you just couldn’t get away from that f—ing show,” Cornette said. “But it was a goddamn clown-show f—ing parody of wrestling with girls who mostly hadn’t had wrestling backgrounds. It was bad comedy, bad scripted bulls–t, and when I first saw it, my head exploded.”

Cornette’s problem had to do with the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling taking airtime away from actual wrestling productions. The new Netflix version, of course, has no such overlap, as it is an ’80s-set dramatization. Cornette’s co-host, Brian Last, tried to convince him of the new show’s value.

“The way they present wrestling, and how to train people right and the respect you have to show wrestling, is unlike anything else I’ve seen in a movie or television show,” Last said.

“Well, maybe I will have to watch it,” Cornette caved.

Listen to the conversation above.

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