His ex-wife, Kasey Smith, also shot a video asking her daughter to return

By Christopher Rosen
July 03, 2017 at 09:17 AM EDT
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Gotham star Donal Logue is asking the public to help find his 16-year-old daughter, Jade Logue, who went missing last week.

“I love her and who she is and her tribe is strong (I’ve met many wonderful people through Jade), but there are some predators who swim among their ranks knowing they’re dealing with sweet, trusting souls,” Donal wrote Sunday on Facebook. “We want you home Jade. Whoever knows where she is, whoever may be with her — clearly this thing has become big and crazy. The net has been flung far and wide and luckily, I have dogged teams from the NYPD, FBI, and others involved. The point is, you may have had good intentions to help her, but I’m sure you realize that this situation is bigger than you could’ve anticipated. It’s okay. Just drop her off. Let her get back in touch with her mother, Kasey, or me — we’ll take her back, with hugs and no questions asked.”

Donal added the contact information of a New York City detective and noted “there is an ‘out’ for this situation that works for all involved. We promise.”

Jade, who is transgender, left her home in Brooklyn on June 29 and never returned.

In a video posted to her Twitter account, Donal’s ex-wife, Kasey Smith, asked anyone who might have information about Jade to come forward — while also making a plea directly to her daughter.

“If you’re watching, if you’re able to be on social media, however, wherever you’re at, please know that we’re looking for you. We want you home. If anyone has any information about Jade, where she is, maybe has had any contact with her, or might have any important, relevant information about Jade, please contact us. All of our information has been widely posted on social media—you know where to reach us,” Smith said. “Jade’s gender and her sexual orientation does not matter here; what matters is that there’s a child out there — my baby, Donal’s baby — out there missing. Jade’s story is for Jade to tell, when and if she’s ever ready to tell it, and let that be hers. It’s not yours, it’s not anyone else’s and it’s not mine. I respect her, but all I want right now is for her to be at home. Jade, if you’re watching this, or can see this, or have any access to this, please come home. We love you and miss you terrible. Please come home, Jade.”

Donal plays Harvey Bullock on the Fox series Gotham.

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