By Lynette Rice
July 01, 2017 at 09:21 AM EDT
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A 28-year-old dog walker from Phoenix exited the Big Brother house Thursday after a confrontation with fellow houseguests left her “feeling nauseous all the time.”

In an interview with The Desert Sun, Megan Lowder said her encounters with some of the men in the house made “my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill. I was throwing up, I had diarrhea.” Lowder added that she’s particularly susceptible to panic attacks because of something that happened when she was in the Navy.

“When I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, I was sexually assaulted and I got really bad PTSD from it,” she told the newspaper, which circulates in her hometown of Cathedral City, California.

During Thursday’s episode, fellow houseguest Josh Martinez yelled at Lowder after the Head of Household competition and called her a “snake” and a “bully.” He later accused her of “disgusting” game play. When Cody Nickson won head of household, he nominated Lowder for elimination.

“I have no idea still to this day, [I] do not know why he went after me like that,” Lowder said of Martinez to The Desert Sun. “Cody did as well and Mark [Jansen], but Mark wasn’t as bad.”

After exiting the house, Lowder read online accusations about making a racist comment. She denied it.

“I was expecting to have one of the funnest summers of my life. I did have fun. I had a great time until all that just got the best of me,” she said.

Big Brother began its 19th season on Wednesday. Lowder’s departure will be addressed in Sunday’s episode.

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