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Jammers, rejoice! Playing House creators and stars Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are back for a third season of their hilarious and heartfelt USA series (Fridays, 11 p.m.) — and taking our totes kewl entertainment test.

1. If you could play house in a pop culture abode, it would be the one from:
A. Gone With the Wind
B. Home Alone
C. Downton Abbey
D. It’s Complicated

Lennon: Tara from Gone With the Wind, because I’m from Atlanta and will never go hungry again. But probably the Tara in the Carol Burnett sketch where I’m walking down the stairs with the curtains on my — a combination of the South and comedy.
Jessica: Downton Abbey. I love all things olden-days, and I’m very interested in somebody brushing my hair out at the end of the night.

2. The voice you’d want as your GPS:

Jessica: I know what it is for Lennon — Idris Elba. Lennon, you answer for me.
Lennon: I was going to say the Barefoot Contessa, but you might fall asleep as you’re driving home. It would be such a comfort.

3. Jessica, we learned in the season 3 premiere that your character, Emma, has never seen Jurassic Park. Name a big blockbuster you’ve never seen.

Jessica: Every single film. Most movies that are remotely scary I’ve had Lennon tell me the plot of. I haven’t seen…what’s the one with Bruce Willis? I know there’s something about an ex-wife.
Lennon: “I know there’s something about an ex-wife”? That’s your description of Die Hard?
Jessica: Does the building explode? I’m sure it does. Right?

4. You’ve both guest-starred on Parks and Recreation and Veep (albeit not at the same time). What other show would you both like to guest-star on (albeit not at the same time)?

Lennon: Anne of Green Gables! I’d love to be the nosy neighbor that gives Anne a mouthful and then gets puts in her place.
Jessica: I’d like to be her headstrong co-teacher when she goes to Charlottetown.

5. Playing House is a catchphrase-manufacturing machine, but if you had to choose just one catchphrase from another show to use for the rest of your life it would be:

A. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” from Friday Night Lights
B. “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” from Diff’rent Strokes

Lennon: Jess is totally Friday Night Lights, a thousand percent.
Jessica: Anything that is related to Tami Taylor, that is what I’d like to adopt in life. And Lennon’s is “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” She’s the quiet one in the corner that every time I’m telling a story and it doesn’t have any relation to the truth, she tells everyone that’s not what happened. She’s like a New York Times fact-checker.

6. Lennon, you have a male alter ego on the show named Bosephus. If we were to check his theoretical DVR queue, which show would we be surprised to find on there?

Lennon: He is a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and that is no joke. And that would also be the only thing he DVRs because he’s just living life by the seat of his pants.
Jessica: Didn’t we reference that he watches JAG on the VHS?
Lennon: Yeah, but other than that, he doesn’t know how to work the DVR or the TiVO or whatever.

7. Which Playing House costar would you rather assemble IKEA furniture with: Keegan-Michael Key or Zach Woods?

Lennon: That’s a real Sophie’s Choice. I would want to do it on my own. Give me a user manual and I’m happy for hours.
Jessica: I feel with Zach we’re going to get lost in a philosophical discussion about what objects represent and why do we need a dresser. And then I’m never going to get that built. I feel like Keegan is from Detroit and Detroit makes things. He’s going to be able to get down and dirty and get it done. If we put Keegan in a tuxedo, then that would be even better.

8. Which two celebrities do you consider #BFFgoals?

Jessica: Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. Their bodies be bangin’, and they’re boss career women. But at the same time they’re going out for chili and fries and not feeling bad about it the next morning.
Lennon: Mine is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They’re best friends but also work really, really well together, and it’s clear that they make each other better. They both have amazing families and foster other young comedians coming up in the world, which I love.

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