By Nick Romano
June 30, 2017 at 08:14 AM EDT
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Jimmy Fallon’s “Freestylin’ With The Roots” on The Tonight Show was going as planned until he found a surprise guest in his audience: Dave Chappelle. The comedian wasn’t fooling anyone in hiding behind his massive sunglasses, though he and Fallon kept up the bit as The Roots performed an improvised song based on Chappelle’s suggestions.

Fallon asked the stand-up comic what his superpower and super-weakness would be if he were a comic book hero. “Disappearing for long periods of time” would be his ability and “the need for money” would force him to materialize again, Chappelle joked of his long hiatus from comedy.

The Roots then came up with this little number: “His name is Dave and he’s just become a comedian. It sounds like lots of fun, and your superpower at least from what I’ve learned, is to disappear, but the money makes you return.”

Chappelle recently performed two stand-up specials for Netflix, which called it the streaming platform’s most watched ever. He also landed a spot in A Star Is Born opposite Lady Gaga as a character named Noodles, and he’ll host Rihanna’s black-tie Diamond Ball in New York City on Sep. 14.

As for summer plans, Chappelle reminded Fallon he’s performing at Radio City Music Hall in the Big Apple for 14 nights.

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