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Cast members break on Saturday Night Live all the time (so much they even made a digital short about it for the variety show’s 40th anniversary). But Will Ferrell admits that one SNL sketch was devised entirely with the purpose of making Jimmy Fallon lose it on air.

The actor-comedian sat down with Entertainment Weekly: The Show to go “couch-surfing” and talk about the infamous “Love-Ahs” sketch in which he and fellow cast member Rachel Dratch played a grossly inappropriate couple.

“The basic purpose of every time we did this sketch was to try to make Jimmy Fallon laugh, which is not hard to do,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell added that the approach to the characters was pretty simple. “We just tried to be gross and overly inappropriate and sexual,” he said. He also revealed that the key to the specific accent of the character is to be “slightly Madonna-esque.” Ferrell and Dratch played the characters a total of five times during their SNL tenure.

Watch the clip above for more.

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