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Haley Joel Osment may have guest starred on Silicon Valley for only a few episodes this past season, but that didn’t stop the former Sixth Sense star from developing a bit of a crush on his costars.

Of course, a lot of it had to do with how funny the cast of the show are both on and off camera.

“Zach Woods has some of the funniest improvisations on set,” Osment explained during an appearance on Entertainment Weekly: The Show (video above). “When we finished the dialogue of a scene, with all these terrific improvisers, we’ll go beyond the script and throw in extra lines. Zach’s were some of the things that were the hardest to keep a straight face for. He’s just a really, really funny and sharp guy.”

In fact, Osment now hangs out with some of the cast members — like Martin Starr who plays satanist and perpetual nihilist, Bertram Gilfoyle.

“I just went golfing with [him]. Martin hadn’t played golf in seven years,” recounted Osment. “We were playing a pretty difficult golf course in Los Angeles. And on the first hole, he was really rusty and hadn’t played in a while. But by the back nine was playing great. And in that great deadpan of his, he was like, ‘I’m just a natural athlete.'”

Silicon Valley has been renewed for a fifth season.

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