By Nick Romano
June 29, 2017 at 08:00 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Wiig were like passing ships on Saturday Night Live, but they’ve spent plenty of time since perfecting their banter. Both returned to the late-night sketch comedy series as hosts many times, and Wiig is always on The Tonight Show in character as the Mother of Dragons, Peyton Manning, or whoever.  This week, she popped in to promote her new movie Despicable Me 3 and donned a doctor’s outfit for a Mad Lib Theater sketch.

As these sketches typically unfold, Wiig came up with a series of words for Mad Libs, but instead of just reading the results allowed, she acted them out in a bit. The comedienne became Dr. Mackerel, who diagnosed Fallon’s Mr. Gooby Gock with fluffy platypus disease.

Both players cracked up throughout the sketch, especially as Wiig put on her fake spectacles and read off the side effects for Mr. Gock’s pills. “Side effects also include an itchy armpit and a decrease in the desire to hammer,” she said.

Kevin Spacey, Chris Pratt, Dakota Johnson, and Benedict Cumberbatch also performed on the illustrious Mad Lib Theater stage in various getups. Watch the latest rendition in the clip above.

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