The full series, Marvel's Spider-Man, will launch on Disney XD later this summer

This is shaping up to be the summer of Spider-Man: July 7 will see the theatrical release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland’s much-anticipated solo debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while writer Chip Zdarksy and artist Adam Kubert just launched a new ongoing Marvel comic series, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, that takes the title character “back to basics.” Last but not least, a new Disney XD animated series about the web hero, Marvel’s Spider-Man, is also on its way.

The show will officially premiere later this summer, but Disney XD is going to roll out the red carpet for it by releasing a series of six animated shorts ahead of time. Those will launch one per day on Disney XD and Disney XD’s YouTube channel from July 24 to July 29, but EW has an exclusive premiere of the first short, which features a retelling of Spider-Man’s origin. Since Spider-Man: Homecoming won’t cover the hero’s origin like previous adaptations, this short provides an opportunity to revisit how it all started.

Peter Parker was just a young science-loving know-it-all until a school field trip to Oscorp Industries (and a run-in with a very special spider) changed his life forever. Check that story out above, and stay tuned for the full launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man.