Spoiler alert: This post contains MAJOR spoilers from the series finale of Pretty Little Liars.

When Charlotte DiLaurentis died, the Liars thought they’d seen the last of “A.” But much in the same way Charlotte took over the game after Mona, there was someone else waiting in the wings. And instead of having Charlotte’s death mark the end of something, it marked the beginning of A.D., or Uber “A,” if you prefer. And in the show’s series finale, they revealed the truth. A.D. is …

Alex Drake.

Sure, the name might not ring a bell, but you’ll definitely recognize the face, mostly because SHE IS SPENCER’S TWIN. The finale revealed that Mary Drake hadn’t just given birth to a secret child all those years ago. She’d given birth to secret twins.

For most of her life, Alex lived in London, until Wren discovered her and alerted her to the fact that she had a family. It was then that Alex became fascinated with Spencer, Charlotte, and all Rosewood had to offer. Wren then helped arrange a meeting with Alex and Charlotte, and from there, Charlotte was the only family Alex had ever known. So when Charlotte, Alex’s half-sister, was killed, Alex took out her anger on the Liars by creating a game to torture them until she found out Mona was responsible for Charlotte’s death.

But even after the game was over, Alex couldn’t stop thinking about Spencer’s perfect life, which is why she decided to stick around Rosewood and assume Spencer’s identity. After all, why should one twin have it all?

By the end of the series finale, Alex was in handcuffs, but more importantly…

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