June 26, 2017 at 10:34 AM EDT

Trading Spaces

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The Learning Channel

It’s time to get to know your neighbors!

With Trading Spaces returning to television after 10 years away, TLC will need people willing to participate in its home makeover show. The fan-favorite home makeover show has put out a casting call for families and neighbors who’d like a chance to renovate a room in each others’ houses. As fans of the show know, homeowners have no say over the changes their neighbors will be making as they work with the show’s designers and carpenters to reimagine a room.

The previous iteration of the series gave participants a 48-hour deadline in which to finish their work, as well as a fixed budget of $1,000. TLC hasn’t announced if these conditions still stand.

Fans — or anyone looking for an excuse to get to know their neighbors — can find out by signing up for the show’s casting call. Click here to do so.

A premiere date for the revival of Trading Spaces has not yet been announced.

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