By Jami Ganz
June 26, 2017 at 05:07 PM EDT
  • TV Show

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In honor of the recent premiere of Netflix’s 1985-set GLOWBingeworthy hosts Touré and Jessica Shaw reminisced about their favorite shows from the decade of leg warmers and John Hughes.

Shaw went for thirtysomething, which Touré credits as having “sort of changed television a little bit, right? ‘Cause you had these multiple family dramas going on. It was drama and comedy, it was about the anxiety of being 30 — so, a lot of stuff that was not normally talked about or shown came up here.”

Shaw agreed, pointing out that some series might not even exist without it. “There are so many family shows that really have their DNA in thirtysomething,” she said.

Also a fan of Miami Vice, Touré argued that series was revolutionary in its own right, recalling, “It was like a movie on television every week. ‘Cause it would be just epic, with like, stars, and the camera looks. … It was like, you know, a million dollars on the screen.”

For more ’80s goodness, watch the first four seasons of Miami Vice on Hulu. Season 1 of GLOW is now available to stream on Netflix.